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We desire to see young adults in Mexico come to know the Love of Christ through being part of a loving home/community, and that their lives would be transformed through compassion, guidance and the grace of God. We hope to enable them with skills to achieve independent and healthy living, and that they would go on to lead integrated families.


Provide discipleship, support and housing for young adult as they pursue a higher education, enabling them with skills to achieve independent and healthy living, and that they would go on to lead integrated families.


1.8 million children are living on the streets or in government-run orphanages in Mexico. At 17 years old these children “age- out” and find themselves alone with no income, no job training and no family support system. In addition to these disadvantages, small town, rural farming areas have limited job opportunities, limited academic programs, and limited resources for young adults seeking a better future. Faced with these challenges, young adults find themselves in jail, vulnerable to exploitation, or addicted to drugs and alcohol. 

BreakThrough gives young adults the opportunity to overcome the struggles they face, further their education, learn a skill or trade, and gain the confidence they need to be wise and responsible adults. These small victories in a young adult’s life lead to overall victories in society including a stronger job market, healthier families, and a break in the cycle of poverty. 


Our story began before we even knew it had a starting point! Two wide-eyed missionaries who met in October of 2005 on an outreach in Mexico. Who could have guessed we would be married in September of the following year? Orphan care has been our combined passion and we have now served children of all ages but found our niche in working with young adults transitioning from institutional living into productive adult and family life. Such a joy!


With the help of our friends in Washington state, we partnered with InFocus Ministries in 2020 to launch BreakThrough Ministry! Here we provide a loving family home environment and spur these guys on to build great lives and give back to their community.  We know they will become leaders among leaders one day!


Our own children, Micah (10 yrs.) and Audrey, a spunky 4-year-old, enjoy growing up in a home where we are blessed to consider more than a dozen young men and women a part of our forever family. 


Pedro is one of the first young men, Ricardo and Andrea (the founders and directors of BreakThrough) brought into their family. Pedro has overcome extreme challenges in his life: the loss of both parents, growing up in an orphanage, countless caregivers and instability. He graduated from one of the best universities in the state with a degree in computer science and programming, works within his field of study building and maintaining apps for trucking companies. He serves in his community and is a member of the BreakThrough Ministry advisory board. He provides encouragement and accountability as he mentors young men in the BreakThrough ministry.

The Opportunity

Together we can make Pedro’s story a reality for other young adults moving out of institutional living and into adulthood.


Here's how to contribute:

1. Pray the Lord would guide these young adults toward Him and give us wisdom. 


2. Sponsor a BreakThrough resident, get to know them and help provide for their specific needs and education. 


3. Give through InFocus Ministries. Your gift can be directed toward our general fund, college tuition, or a specific BreakThrough resident. 


4. Share – share with your friends about what BreakThrough is doing in Mexico, and follow us on social media 


Help a Young Adult BreakThrough and End Generational Poverty.
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